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Who We Are
Co-Founder (Business Development): Jenn Scheck-Kahn
Co-Founder (Technology): Brian Kahn
How We Came to Be
Back in 2012, Jenn, a writer, instructor, and admirer of literary journals, wanted to get her hands on some of the 600 journals in print in the US and although her beloved local bookstore carried regional journals and the big names, too many journals that are essential to the literary landscape were missing. From a journal's online presence, she could discern the journal's culture, but the content and style published there is often different from what a print iteration seeks. Subscribing to the journals was the answer, but how to subscribe to them all? Jenn and her husband Brian built a way - Journal of the Month! - a curated collection of significant and strange, classic or upstart journals, that are the touchstones of literary culture in the US.
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