Journal of the Month

Journal of the Month in Your Classroom

Journal pile

When you use our classroom program, we provide 4 literary journals to the students in your class, roughly one a month throughout the semester. If you’d like, you can video conference with editors from those journals as well.

Setting up the program begins with registering your class, by providing us with general information, such as the class name, start and add/drop end dates, the number of expected students, etc. Next, you choose the journals you’d like to teach from our list of participating journals, and together we set up a delivery schedule that ensures the first batch of journals arrives roughly a month in advance of when you’ll teach from it.

A typical fall semester delivery schedule looks like this:

All journals will be mailed to your office address. Once class begins, your students will enroll in the program on our website, where they will select a subscription named for your class. The cost is $48 for a 4 journal subscription; you receive a complimentary subscription. Click Request Information to sample the program, by beginning the registration process. (Setting up the program won’t commit you to using it.)

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